Get ready for it!! Annual Budspud Fundraiser

Our BudSpud fundraiser is an amazing and exciting event, featuring over 40 gigantic prize baskets each worth $150-$500 to be won by OHEYS supporters filling the 500 seats at the CanadInns Windsor Park Cowboys NightClub.

We are excited to be hosting our 6th Annual BudSpud Fundraiser on Saturday, March 17, 2018.  This is our ONE annual fundraiser in support of our registered charity’s activity programs and summer camps exclusively for children, youth and young adults on the autism-spectrum.  We offer: group programs for those more verbal; 1-1 programs for those more challenged; free special events ourselves and work collaboratively with other agencies to deliver special events and training.

Fundraising gives us the opportunity to recruit and train coaches and volunteers and to offer low and subsidized registration fees. We have provided autism training in collaboration with St. Amant and worked collaboratively with community agencies such as Manitoba disABILITY Services, Hope Worldwide, Manitoba Foster Families and various other autism agencies in Winnipeg.  OHEYS is recognized in the autism community as a high quality service provider.

This event is only possible with the background support and many hours of work from volunteers.  A super special thank you goes out to the tireless annual team:  Leslie Candy, Anita Zolondek, Barbara Henderson-Cox, Victor Minenko (‘Mr. Golf’), the fantastic family team of: Donna, Glen and Brandon Daman, Sharice Molgat, Austin Bowcott, Andrea Baldwin, Stefan Molgat, Brett Halajko and Bennetta Benson.

Sponsors and Prizes – A super wonderful “You are Totally Awesome!” goes out all the loyal supporters and community business sponsors who contribute prizes and donations so we can create fantastic magical theme-based baskets. Excited winners are absolutely thrilled to take them home.

Let’s look forward to another fantastic event Saturday March 17, and plan to make it a super success.  This will mean that in 2018, OHEYS will deliver another year of quality autism programming and fantastic experiences for special members of our community!!

If you would like to help out or donate, please contact us at or at 204-275-1498