With you, we share a common goal to help all children and youth with autism reach their full potential. Our program design is goal-oriented, family-centred, ensures accessibility through significantly subsidized registration fees and transportation support, with individualized coaching.

We also provide hands-on work experience with special-needs children to many university student coaches and high school volunteers.

We work hard each year to renew funding from past supporters and seek out new funders. Many significant community partners are part of the OHEYS autism network. Many others are helping in any way they can, through financial support, event organization and making a donation by volunteering.

Every donation makes a significant difference in our program:

  • help keep registration fees significantly subsidized
  • transportation support
  • healthy nutrition learning
  • skill development programming
  • special equipment rental/purchase
  • training and hands-on experience for many future community professionals
  • intensive coaching of goals and activities that are meaningful to children and to their families