The middle years are often difficult even for typical kids. A lot of the social rules seem to be changing unexpectedly. Typical teens figure it all out intuitively, or through peer observation and/or discussions. Early teens on the autism spectrum need more direct instruction.

OHEYS will run the Camp Program “Middle Years Adventure Camp” specifically for early teens (age 10-14) on the Autism Spectrum. Particular emphasis will be focused on social maturity issues and getting ready to explore the world.

Eligible campers are verbal and interested in participating in group activities.  Campers in this program are ready to engage in more sophisticated group activities and games.  OHEYS Camp provides 1-1 coach support for this program, where the coach’s time is directed at supporting age-appropriate games and activities within the group setting.

Activities will include a variety of pair (2), mid-sized group (4-6), and large group (10+) activities and games. Campers will focus on giving and receiving verbal instructions to peers and within the group. They will participate in supported discussions regarding self- and others’ performance expectations and assessments.   Lunch is provided. Lunch preparation and cleanup tasks will rotate so campers actively participate. Video feedback may be incorporated on an individual basis. Perspective-taking and social thinking activities will be included, as well as “Model Me Kids” teen video lessons and discussion groups.  Pool trips included; other field trips TBA.

To apply, fill out the forms below and email them to

2018 OHEYS Middle Years Adventure Camp Application (.pdf)

2018 OHEYS Middle Years Adventure Camp Application (.doc)

2018 Middle Years Camp Waivers 2pg (.doc)