Autism is a developmental disability that affects typical brain development in ways that compromise social interaction and communications skills. As a “broad spectrum” disorder, it results in a wide range of ability and disability characteristics in children and youth – so every child is different. Inclusive, individualized programs are needed to support the unique physical, social, behavioural, and communications needs of children with autism. Autism can present a daunting challenge to parents and educators.

Autism is a significant and growing reality in our society.

Finding information about autism is easy. It’s much more difficult to find trusted information that has withstood the rigors of science, is comprehensive in scope, and easy to read. OHEYS is not a treatment program, however we support and encourage parents and professionals to seek evidenced-based autism intervention programming and strategies.

See the Province of Manitoba’s strategy for autism programs and services.

“Thrive! A five-year plan for helping Manitobans with autism spectrum disorders and their families.”

In June 2011, the Province of Manitoba released this major autism strategy document. This document outlines their comprehensive plan for supporting future development of autism programming across ages and abilities. Government will be “working with the community to get feedback on the Thrive! Strategy and to further develop ideas and priorities”.

Check out/print THRIVE! at:

Contact government for more details on their discussion plan and/or their action plan.